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Dean Alger is a writer on music, especially on jazz and blues.

Invited to talk at the Institute for Jazz Studies, Rutgers University, on jazz and blues great Lonnie Johnson, November 2007.

He has taught a course on The Blues in the College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota.

Dr. D wrote many pieces for the fine website,, now off-line, unfortunately. That includes 6 entries for the Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians on the site and over 60 individual song track reviews.

He wrote the entry on Lonnie Johnson for the new Grove Dictionary of American Music, from Oxford University Press.

Wrote an article for Guitar Player magazine on Lonnie Johnson: “Know Your Guitar History: Remembering Lonnie Johnson,” December 2013 issue.



Dr.'s musical life goes all the way back to singing in excellent high school and college choirs, and singing and playing in a folk group in college (in the style of the time and in the Los Angeles area setting, the group was called "The Santa Ana Freeway Off-Ramp"). In recent years, Dean has played in clubs and coffeehouses around Minnesota and elsewhere, playing guitar and singing, solo or with one or more others. The CD he recorded with his sometime trio, "Dr. D, A.T. & the Z-man" (see below), includes six original songs, including Dr. D's tribute to Lonnie Johnson, "The Legendary Lonnie J." That song has received high praise from several leading blues writers, a fellow named B.B. King, and the folks at the Institute for Jazz Studies.

Dr. D playing at a coffee house gig

New CD from the trio, "Dr. D, AT & the Z-man"!



Or send a check, made out to Dean Alger, for $14 for CD + shipping (no handling) costs to: Dr. D Music, 1356 Eustis St., St. Paul, MN, 55108 (*our stand against high Big Label CD prices)

Dr. D sings most of the vocals, with occasional harmony vocals added, sometimes by guest musicians (as on the CD). Dr. D plays acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars. AT plays electric guitar, sometimes electric bass and other instruments. Z-man plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sometimes playing slide guitar, as well as playing harmonica.

Unique major performance:

Dr. D and Z-man performed Dr. D's satire song "Your Cheatin' Heart in those Campaign Ads" for a major public affairs event in May 2004. Part lampoon and raising awareness about campaign ads, part fund-raiser for a public policy organization, the event was satirically called "The Worst Political Ads in America Awards" (informally called "The Academy Awards of Bad Political Ads"). Held in the Historic Pantages Theater, Minneapolis - audience of over 800 - "awards" were given in various categories; presenters included Congressman Sabo, Minnesota Attorney General Hatch, Minneapolis Mayor Rybak and other leading political figures. The response to the song and performance were terrific.


Best original songs:
(Searchin for) The Delta Blues (inspired by a trip to the Mississippi Delta)
Put a Hurtin On Me (co-written with Aaron Paul)
The Legendary Lonnie J (song in tribute to Blues & Jazz great Lonnie Johnson)
Travelin Chicago Blues (inspired by a trip to Chicago)

Other originals:
Hot-Bodied Baby (more of a Rocker or R & B number)
Eleven Fifty-seven and Let That Old World Spin (ballads)
Gonna See My Baby Tonight (more of a Rocker or R & B number)

Socio-political songs:
The Election Day Blues (spurred by that 2000 election fiasco in Florida)
Your Cheatin Heart in those Campaign Ads
Recovering Temporary Politician Blues
The Bankers' Greed Blues
The Skies Cried and The Earth Burned – The Climate Change song


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