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"Check out the powerful, compelling new protest song, the video of a live performance of the song, and the dramatic new novel, THE BANKERS' GREED BLUES, that take on the Wall Street-Big Banks disaster and its terrible impacts, the corrupted Congress, and America?s distorted democracy. The novel also shows the way to changing the system! But it also has engaging human elements, love stories, music, striking action, humor, and hope for the future."


THE SONG & VIDEO: "The Bankers' Greed Blues" (see below for NOVEL)

The song lyrics - with a complimentary note from that living legend, Pete Seeger!:

Bankers Greed Blues Lyrics

Performance on YouTube:
See the evocative LIVE performance video of this powerful protest
song by Dr. D, master Minnesota musician Papa John Kolstad, and superb singer-guitarist
Becca Leathers, recorded in St. Paul, Minnesota, November 16, 2011.

Click here to see "The Bankers' Greed Blues" video on YouTube




James Madison: "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit? possible to maintain their control over government."

Mark Twain: "A banker is a fellow who lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining, and then wants it back the minute it begins to rain."

Thomas Jefferson: "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."

This novel speaks powerfully and compellingly to people's deep concerns about the state of economics, politics and values in America today; it can have an impact in the 2012 election.

Arianna Huffington: "Drama and narrative have the ability to move people?s perceptions in a way raw numbers never can." That's why I've written this in the form of a political novel-with ample substance.

It can be the Primary Colors of 2012; but Primary Colors was about the political game and people are sick of political games. This novel deals with the Big Banks mess, with the broader issue of severe economic inequality, with a degraded democracy, and with a skewed tax system and distorted economy that don't work for the general public. Starting in PART 2 of the novel the story broadens out beyond the Big Bank disaster to a tale of what could and should happen in election 2012. A "documentary of the near future" is presented that has a powerful realism; yet it offers hope and inspiration. It's written with style and flair-and a sense of outrage. The novel also speaks to the increasing concern about a loss of values in America. A key element of Part 3 is the formation of a "New Declaration of Independence" coalition and movement by progressive leaders-independence from Big Banks, big money special interests, and the corrupted Congress and election process. Further developments on Wall Street and in the 2012 presidential nomination, including those signs, "Greed is Good! - Romney-Gecko 2012," show the extraordinary timeliness and relevance of this novel.

But this book works well as a novel, with interesting and engaging characters, a compelling story, and striking dramatic action; that action includes an extraordinary caper where fed-up regular folks take things into their own hands and take action that uniquely holds the Big Bankers accountable, in a modern day Robin Hood manner. People will cheer that section of the story, with great lines and wit that capture the public's concerns about those issues.

The tale includes engaging love stories, computer hackers, a major musical element, with "The Bankers' Greed Blues," as the continuing musical theme. There are also appearances by music legends, from Pete Seeger to Bruce Springsteen, in a couple of scenes. Other fun yet significant elements include an appearance by a key character on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show," and use of other pop culture icons like YouTube.

The novel includes the presentation of revealing poll findings and related issues and political developments like nobody else has put together and that tell a different story about the state of public opinion than the shallow, simplistic one that was bandied about for too long; and those materials show how this nation is ready for genuine change.

Dr. Alger's expertise in polling and American society and other professional credentials relating to these matters give the book realism and credibility. See the Public Affairs/Media Consultant page on this website for details on those credentials.

Book Availability:

The book is available from and various independent local bookstores (and can be ordered from any local bookstore). In the Twin Cities it's at Magers & Quinn, Common Good Books (Snelling and Grand in St. Paul), and the two U of M bookstores. By about June 1 it will be available on Kindle e-readers.

(Author Alger gets a better deal for all his work on this book if you order directly from CreateSpace. Go to (note forward slash). If you do buy there, THANKS!)

INFORMATION FOR BOOKSTORES for obtaining the novel wholesale:

The book is available from book distributors Ingram and Baker & Taylor. (The author can also make an arrangement for a consignment approach. E-mail: .)

Book resellers may apply for an account at "After submitting your information, we will validate your qualifications for access to CreateSpace Directs wholesale pricing, and notify you of your status within one business day. Titles with CreateSpace have the following discounts when available via CreateSpace Direct: Purchase Discount from List through CreateSpace Direct: Libraries - 20%, Retail - 35%."







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