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“Dean Alger has written the most important book about democracy this year. The growing concentration of media control is turning the marketplace of ideas into an auction block where free speech is guaranteed only to those who can afford it; the evidence is here.”

>MARVIN KALB, Washington Office, Shorenstein Center on Press & Politics, Kennedy School of Government; former Chief Diplomatic Coorespondent for CBS News:
“Dean Alger has written a very important book. Huge corporations now own most of the means of communication. This in and of itself raises the most disturbing questions, not just about the implications of ownership, but alos about the impact of ”Medgamedia” on the function of our democracy. He has written this complicated book with style, verve and excitement.”

>NEIL HICKEY, Editor at Large, Columbia Journalism Review:
“It’s an important study with a depth of research and insights which are extraordinarily impressive.”

>Choice book reviews:
“One of the decade’s most significant books on mass communications...”
“...Especially useful are his chronology, ‘The March of Megamedia,’ and up-to-date listings of holdings of the world’s dominant media empires.”

>Dr. TIMOTHY COOK, Kevin Reilly, Sr. Chair in Political Communication, Louisiana State University, and author of Governing with the News:
“Dean Alger analyzes, with acuity and wit, a plethora of up-to-the-minute evidence on the rise of media empires and their impact on news and politics. But he also gives the reader hope -- by demonstrating how our current condition is the result of policy choices as much as the inevitable consequence of free markets and by providing valuable ideas about where we go from here.”

>CHRIS WELLES, Senior Editor, BusinessWeek:
“...Compelling and important”

>Library Journal:
“The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press, but Alger has written a compelling book about how the press has been increasingly muzzles by the moguls who control newspapers, television, books, and magazines... An extremely readable book...”

>GENE KIMMELMAN, Washington Director, Consumers’ Union:
“MEGAMEDIA reveals how concentration of ownership in too few hands threatens the foundation of our free market and democrativ values; it undermines democratic discourse itself.”

>U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan, the late U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, U.S. Rep. Edward Markey have all praised the book.


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